AC | Los Angeles Business Headshot Photographer

Meet AC - a graduate of The Natural Epicurean, personal chef, healthy eating expert, and creator of the recipes in the recently released The Candida Cure Cookbook.

She is your gateway to a healthy lifestyle – please check out her website to see all she has to offer, especially if you have an interest in a vegan, macrobiotic, gluten-free, raw or anti-candida meal plan!


LF | Los Angeles Senior Portrait Photographer

Months before we did a sisters session with LF and her older sisters, I had the pleasure of taking senior portraits for LF’s senior year at Marymount.

She is such a well-rounded, healthy, natural beauty!

Makeup by Rachel Adams.

MM | Los Angeles Real Estate Headshot Photographer

I had the absolute pleasure of taking MM’s headshots to represent her in online and print marketing materials for her successful real estate career in Big Bear.

Professionals in all careers need a good headshot these days, and getting to meet and work with a variety of these fantastic people is one of the best parts of my job!

(But I am such a hypocrite because I desperately need an updated headshot of my own!! :p) Someday…..


AJM | Los Angeles Actor Headshots

Guy next door, blue collar worker, fancy-pants hipster – AJM can do it all (and he does it with shiny, blue eyes)!

LK | Los Angeles Leading Lady Actor Headshots

Colorful headshots are my thang, but I also love nice, clean, simple, fresh neutral backgrounds like repeat client LK wanted from this session.

The O Family | Thousand Oaks Lifestyle Family Photographer

Four months ago (how has it only been four??) we walked into Little Calf for some grub and some ice cream, and left with some awesome new friends! (And also some grub and some ice cream.)

I recognized R from a post she had made months earlier in a local mom’s group, looking for other families who like to (as I call it) hike ‘n’ bike and enjoy other outdoorsy, adventurous pursuits. We struck up a conversation, set up a meeting on the trails (C’s first time mountain biking!), and haven’t stopped hanging out since.

These are the O Family’s first professional photos as a family of four and baby A turned one just days ago, 2 days after my baby A did. 🙂 (And ahhh this K Family needs some family photos, too!!)

We had so much fun taking these and capturing the O’s adventurous family spirit!

Be sure to check out their new small business Zippyrooz (formerly known as Weeriderz), which is the first and only place where the very littles can find sports gloves (and soon – other kid’s adventure accessories, as well) to fit their small hands.


JT | Los Angeles Leading Lady Actor Headshots

One of the most striking, interesting, strong women I’ve ever had on the other side of my camera.

Makeup by Kelsey Link.badass_headshots_los_angelesjudy_thompson_headshotsmom_headshots_los_angeles

CWK | Los Angeles Children’s Photographer

Two of my favorite things in one frame – Baby Boy #1 (at almost 16 months old) and the Jacaranda tree.

C’s favorite color has been purple since he was old enough to show a preference, which adds to the reasons why these are some of my absolute favorite photos. 

HB | Los Angeles Female Actor Headshots

♥ this lady!

A mom to a 2 year old, a fantastically talented and “working” actress, a make-your-own work kinda gal – we shot this LA-based actress in Thousand Oaks with the intent to fill in some missing looks.

She wanted something a little lighter and brighter and also something specifically for her very own (and now very successful!) podcast Motherhood in Hollywood. You must give this a listen, especially if you’re a mom, actor, or someone interested in hearing about moms and actors.

She was a dream to shoot, because not only is she a fellow toddler mom – she’s funny and irreverent, my favorite kind of people!

Makeup by Naz.

DH | Thousand Oaks Actor Headshots

DH is another client I’ve been lucky enough to photograph multiple times. Not only is he an exceptionally fun character to have on the other side of my lens, but he’s a mover and a shaker (check out his website here), and a down-to-earth super nice guy who is kind enough to recommend me on Facebook when other actors post in search of a headshot photographer. Thanks so much, DH! 🙂

It’s always a good time, shooting his face, and this session was extra fun because I used my wider lens to get some more character-y shots.

Can you tell which shots were taken with a regular portrait lens and which ones are a little unusual? 🙂