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Wall of Color | Santa Monica Photographer


It’s my color -ish!  On a wall!  I wish it were closer to my home so I could use this wall for photos all the time…..Maybe make the wall a little more interesting by putting a person in front of it or something…. email alej

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I Heart Faces – Smirk | Los Angeles Newborn Photographer


When I learned of this week’s photo challenge at i heart faces I immediately thought of this image of my nephew, B.  They’re looking for smirks & this little guy has quite the look on his face in this photo!  His mom loves it because he looks “snobby.”  I love it because he’s too young […]

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Venice Walls | Venice Photographer


Not your typical graffiti-covered Venice wall – but still a wall, which can be found in Venice. email alej

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Disneyland Half Marathon | Southern California Photographer


We did eeeet! Back in March, I tweeted that I wanted to train someone for a half or full marathon.  I had run several halfs (halves?) and several fulls and wanted to help someone attain the awesome feeling of completing one for the first time. SD responded that she was all in! Not a runner, […]

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Oliver Kitty Lion | Los Angeles Animal Photographer


These were taken just after Oliver had his first grooming/shaving experience – he loved it, we loved it, his many fans loved it.  It’s almost completely grown back now….I think it’s time for another! email alej

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AKeiganPhoto Gift Cards | Los Angeles Photographer


Introducing: AKeiganPhoto gift cards! Is there someone in your life who seems to have everything?  Perhaps if they want something, they buy it – leaving you with no gift ideas. Maybe you know someone who never treats herself and you want to be the giver of such indulgence. Or maybe professional photos are essential for […]

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Stripes | Los Angeles Headshot Photographer


There are all these headshot “rules” that LA people love to follow so they can think they’re doing the “right thing.”  But as in most situations with rules, those with confidence can break them successfully. In this case, it’s the patterned shirt – she really pops! email alej

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Carpinteria Camping | Southern California Photographer


A few weekends ago, we at the last minute decided to go north to camp near Santa Barbara.  We got lucky & found a spot late afternoon at our first choice campground on the beach in Carpinteria.  Even though it was a last minute trip, we managed to fill up our entire SUV (we traded […]

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A Night at Vendome | Toluca Lake Photographer


We love Vendome wine tasting! RIP Tony Belmonte, a five-year Vendome Toluca Lake wine-tasting regular.  He is already missed! email alej

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One Mile to Disney | Southern California Photographer


Desire + Commitment + Kismet = Tasty Fruit!  Tomorrow, SD – who started with one mile, will be running an official 13.1!  I will try to take many pics (before & after probably – I doubt I’ll want to get my new iPhone4 sweaty by using it during the race) and will do a post […]

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