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Why Are Professional Photographers So Expensive? | Custom Portrait Photographer

I recently read these articles that I feel eloquently describe all that figures into the prices paid by consumers for quality professional photos.  I know as a photography client, I look at prices and think “Omg, that’s a lot of money for something I can do myself.”  (But I can’t REALLY do it myself – […]

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See the Beauty #1 | Los Angeles Photographer


I’ve been procrastinating long enough. 🙂  To encourage more blogging, more photography for myself, and yet another reason to stop & smell the roses – here begins See the Beauty: A Daily Photo Journal. The idea is to take at least one photo per day that embodies something beautiful from that day’s experience.  I don’t […]

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Making Pumpkins Out of Pumpkinade | Los Angeles Photographer


One of the most enjoyable parts of autumn for me is the arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte & other such pumpkin-flavored jazz.  I’m anti-sugary syrup, though, so I’m hard-pressed to find a “real” one.  A little stand in NoHo – Indie Coffee – is the only place I’ve known in LA to make them using […]

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SA Boudoir | Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer


By viewing the full post, you are confirming you are over 18 and not a pervert (there is no nudity):

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In Yo Mouth | Los Angeles Photographer


An outtake from Emma’s trip: We first bonded over kitchen messes in 2003 when I stayed with Emma & her brother one weekend when their parents went away.  The three of us had a massive water fight in the kitchen……cleaned up immediately, of course.  🙂 email alej

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Road Trip! | Los Angeles Photographer


First of all, let me say a road trip in an SUV is a million times cushier (better) experience than one in a tiny hybrid car.  It’s like a dream…. We spent a couple nights in Santa Cruz where we wine-tasted for the first time ever in Felton.  Fall had already begun in LA but […]

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Napa Flower | Los Angeles Photographer

_MG_1567 (1)

All up in the flower’s grill……. email alej

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We’re Home! | Los Angeles Photographer


…from an amazing road trip to Santa Cruz/San Francisco/Napa. We had a seriously great time, brought home 3 cases of wine, and joined our first wine club (Robert Biale Vineyards). We also had some nice long bike rides and of course, DELICIOUS food.  I actually didn’t take that many photos, which means there’s a chance […]

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