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Hey Alej,

Former 2 time client Raymond Morris here. I just wanted to write you to let you know how amazing the head shots you took for me are working! Since taking them and choosing my ‘choices’ I have signed with a Manager, an Agent and have booked 2 Nickelodeon shows and am now in the Nickelodeon/Disney casting loop getting called in frequently for their shows!

At my last audition I went into a Producers session into a room full of Disney Execs and the first thing they said to me was “Raymond you have a GREAT Headshot” in which everyone else in the room echoed their sentiments. My new Agent that I signed with told me my Headshots are perfect and that they represent me perfectly and I ALWAYS get complimented on my Headshots at Casting Director workshops. They say it stands out and it clearly shows them what I am Castable for. The main one I use is file ‘9130’ (which is the one currently displayed as my main pic on IMDB).

I just wanted to drop you an extra line of gratitude because these have easily been my most effective Headshots to date. And my career is moving forward because of your great work! Thanks so much! And I know you only do photos part time now but I will def. return to you for more shots in the future. Also your shot is displayed in a lot of the fliers my acting class ‘Krater Studios’ uses for client testimonials. Thanks again hope all is well!!


Ugh, how am I ever going to decide.  They are so good!!!!  I love how strong and confident and real I look.  It’s me, you captured me.


Thanks for letting me, be me. – JT

These are gorgeous, Alej, thank you so much! You may have taken the first picture of me smiling with my mouth open that I’ve ever liked. They just look so amazing. I can’t even tell you how special this experience was. -AS

Alej truly captured exactly what I wanted to remember from my wedding day!  My husband and I loved working with her, and her pictures were perfect!

I also had a second session with Alej, that was a “day after” the wedding shoot.  I couldn’t let myself trash my dress, but Alej found great creative ways to take fun shots that were amazing!  I have never felt so beautiful, and she made it feel natural.  Cannot thank her enough for those photos – she has a true talent for what she does! – KK

AKeigan Photo is your one-stop shop for any type of photos that you need. The best part? The photos will turn out AMAZING. I’ve used Alej for headshots as well as portrait shots, and I couldn’t be happier with both.

First, the headshots: the packages that Alej offers are competitive and comprehensive. She takes her time with you to make sure that you get the exact look that you are aiming for. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s able to capture the perfect moments!

Next, the portrait shots: I did a photoshoot as a gift for my husband. Some of the shots were “boudoir” shots, which at first I was a little nervous to take. But Alej was completely professional and made me feel extremely comfortable. The shoot was SO much fun. We went to the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, which was a great location to shoot both inside and outdoors. And again, the shots turned out beautifully. It was really, really hard to make a decision on the photos I wanted to order because they ALL turned out so good! My husband LOVED the gift, and not only that but I ended up with a shot that I could use as a headshot as well – and immediately got three auditions after posting it online!

In addition to that, I own a talent development business and I always bring my clients to Alej. It makes MY job SO much easier because I know my clients will be so pleased with the results!

I highly recommend Alej at AKeigan Photo – she is the only photographer that I will ever go to again! – SA

okay, seriously: if you’re an actor, just about the worst thing on your to-do list is getting headshots taken.  they’re expensive and it always feels like so much is riding on the results.  the perfect photo could lead to that big job that catapalts your career.

alej is the perfect remedy for this!  she hones in on who you are almost immediately and goes on to draw that out of you in a way that, gasp! you can see in a photo!  suddenly what felt like a chore in expectation now feels like a fun afternoon with a good friend.

she’s creative and thinks outside the box of all those “rules” people love to impose on headshots.  and it pays off!  her pictures stand out.  agents, actors and casting directors all compliment my photos without provocation.

i’ve shot with her three times and the only thing troubling me now is, how do i choose just one?!

you can talk and talk and talk while she shoots. astoundingly, she seems to only capture the shot where you’re taking a breath and all of what you’ve been saying or thinking shows up there.

oh, i also hired her to shoot some still photos of a pie for a project i was working on.  she likes a challenge and is so versatile.

i’ll stop gushing but i feel like alej is an undiscovered gem, and for a fraction of the price of most of your hailed LA photographers. – KL

 Alej!!!! The pictures are amazing!!!! I can’t believe it!!! They are even better than I thought they would be!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I am so excited, you have no idea…(well you might have an idea from the amount of exclamation points, but I am entirely serious!) I don’t even know how to begin choosing which ones to have retouched. They are all so great. I would love to hear your feedback (and Kelsey’s too!) I am also going to ask around and see what my friends think. I can’t thank you enough for capturing exactly what I was looking for. You are so awesome :O) – AR

My photo shoot with AK was like hanging out with an old friend for an hour! Everything was so relaxed and fun that it made getting the right shots effortless! I have never received so many compliments on my pictures before! A true talent! – JN

S had a wonderful time having her photos taken and I think it was a great boost for her ego.  You made her feel comfortable and her true natural self came shining thru on the photos. The pictures are amazing and I have been referring people over to you whenever I can. – KGN


AK takes the most flattering photographs ever!  I generally hate sitting for photographs, but she has a way of making me and my family feel comfortable so we can relax, get terrific photos of ourselves, and even enjoy the experience.  AK understands light (and shadow) and holds herself to the highest standards.  If you think she’s being ridiculous in insisting on a certain location or time for the shoot, just trust her– she knows what she is doing!  Despite what I just said, AK is flexible and accommodates your ideas for the shoot.  She’s an excellent communicator, which is key to any profession.  Reliable, prompt, high-quality, reasonably priced, original and funny — AKeiganPhoto is all of these and more… – LS

Normally I’m not a fan of getting my picture taken. Ironic considering I’m an actor. I’ve have no less than six headshot shoots and I’ve never been happy with the results. Until now. Alej was a ton of fun to work with, she makes you comfortable, and that to me is the key for good pics.- KST

It is SO difficult to figure out which pictures to have you retouch. Many of the ones we want to use for her card look great the way they are…. It’s just the decision-making that is so difficult. Everyone we show the pics to just loves them. So, we can blame you for taking such good pictures! Thanks for everything. – DK

I love AKeiganPhoto!  The best part about shooting with Alej is that she loves what she does and it shows.  She cares just as much about your pictures as you do, if not more.  From the wardrobe to the makeup to the lighting to the composition, she makes sure everything is just right.  And on top of it all, she is so much fun to work with! – SD

Alej has an amazing eye when it comes to photography. She captures not only a great photo but your personality in every shot. She makes you feel comfortable and is very fun to work with. I still receive compliments on my graduation shots more than a year later! I highly recommend Alej for your next photography session! – JG

Have you ever had your headshots done then asked yourself “What the heck just happened?” You weren’t happy with your pictures, the photographer charged you ridiculous fees on top of the base price and if you’re like me you got yelled at to keep your eyes open even though your eyes naturally squint when you smile. As you can tell I’ve had problems with photographers since grade school which is why I have such a difficult time with still shots. Until recently. Alej Keigan was recommended to me by a fellow performer and once again I was like “What the heck just happened?” but in a good way. She casually talked with me during the shoot making the shots very natural and easy and didn’t once yell at me for the DNA of my smile! And not only that, she has a STARVING ARTIST package so for all you fellow performers please check out her website and photo blog at akeiganphoto.com and tell her you heard it from me — Heather Ho

Alej photographed my newborn son.  The pictures are absolutely breathtaking!  These are the most amazing newborn pictures I have ever seen, and not just because they are pictures of my son. 🙂  Alej was so good with my son, and with me.  She was very laid back and easy to work with.  She took my suggestions, but also knew exactly how to get the perfect shot.  We have a variety of very original pictures.  I will cherish these forever.  Thank you Alej!  I highly recommend AKeigan Photo to anyone! – AW

It was a relief to shoot with Alej Keigan. She’s so thorough I knew I would get the shots I needed and she really makes it a relaxing atmosphere. And she’s really fun!  I shot with 3 photographers in LA before I found Alej and even though they all charged over twice what she does, the headshots she gave me were twice as good as theirs.  I won’t hesitate to shoot with her again in the future. – SR

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