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i hinted on facebook that i may be interested in sharing photos from my very first session ever and here they are! (not the ones on top – you’ll need to scroll down for those.)

meet jg, although you’ve probably already met her since she’s graced my blog several times, both as a client and as a friend.

at the end of 2008, i had just begun to teach myself “real” photography and was interested in trying out my new skills on a willing subject. when i overheard my fellow improv group mates jg and sr talking about their need for new headshots, i offered myself up! we scheduled their sessions back to back at the same location and since jg’s came first, she’s my true first client ever. 🙂 not only did i get some shots to begin a portfolio, i also gained two great friends through the experience!

since that first session, i’ve also shot jg for her college graduation photos plus another round of headshots.

jg is a very, very funny performer and total cutie to boot – if you get a chance to see her, don’t miss out!

for years she has been trekking up from long beach several times a weeks for acting-related business (such as to do shows with her improv group in rare form) but this summer she’ll be making the move to la.

enter updated photos.

she chose a 4-look headshot session and she totally rocked them out! by that i mean, she did awesome.

and i think we’ve both improved over the years. 🙂

makeup by kelsey link.

girl next door headshotsexy headshotsporty headshotjamie gaulheadshotand here are the old ones.

(gag. not at her, at me! :P)

the first one is SOOC (straight out of camera – that means no adjustments have been made in post production).headshot soocand here are my spectacular adjustments. i was so amazed with what photoshop could do, i didn’t know how to tone it down. less is more, less is more!

gotta love how she’s up against a brick wall, too. 🙂

headshot editedvertical headshotheadshots with brick backgroundheadshots with glassesand this, folks, was when i was experimenting with textures. i’ve since decided i don’t like them and therefore don’t incorporate them into my work. but rest assured, i never for a second thought a background of hearts was anything but tacky. i have, however, always thought it was funny. 🙂

it’s okay, though – it’s fun to look back and see the changes that have occurred as more experience, knowledge, and personal style have entered into the mix. if i’m not able to do that every couple years, then i’m doing something wrong! i hope to find my current work laughable sooner rather than later because that will mean i’ve gotten better.

here’s to always learning, growing, changing!

hearts background

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Michelle Playing with the Queen of Hearts 🙂
(just had to)

Very nice shots (old & new) but it is nice to see how the learning improves the photos. The newer ones do feel more “connecting”.

jg is a beautiful girl & the makeup is perfectly balanced to show off her beauty without masking it 🙂

Well done *golf clap*

alej ha (golf clap) – grazie! 🙂

TaraMc She is stunning! Love looking at your growth over the years too.

Sophie Crew Beautiful! I love the clarity and light in these!

wedding make up artist Very beautiful girl and her makeup is wonderful!

Jeffery wow these are great shots. Great composition!

Lisa These are wonderful! I think you did a great job!

Christy Johnson Beautiful! I love seeing the old shots too!

kelsey {las vegas wedding photography} She is gorgeous! lovely headshots!

Therese Marie yes she is totally stunning. love them all

Andy A.S Photography I always love your head shots.

Lisa Kelly She is such a beautiful woman. I think you did a pretty good job with the old stuff, but today’s work, wow!

Sarah Duckworth Love these modern head shots!

Erin Oveis Brant I love this post! It’s fun to see how you’ve evolved as a photographer 🙂 Your subject and photos are beautiful!

alej thanks for the nice comments, everyone!!

Kelly Mendoza What a gorgeous young lady. Great job!

aa love these! such a beauty she is!

Chris Fawkes Great work.

alej thank you for visiting!!

Michael Anthony | Santa Clarita Photographer These look great, beautiful!

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