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Joe Hey Keigans,
Nice site. Alej your work is brilliant and creative. Unquestionably, Your dads DNA has something to do with both of those characteristics. I consider JJ a friend as wer’e geographically and politically similar. I was at his 70th B-day, and the pictures wer’e stellar. I liked the one you shot of me very much. I was looking into this area of public concern and as a libertarian/ lover of liberty who hates statism and the NWO dig this if you support individualism over collectivism-

Please sign and forward this to help the front of freedom flank and overtake collectivism/legalese/big brother:

Best regards,

“If a wave of revolt rolls across the country,
if it is carried by the air,
if many people join us,
then in one last, powerful effort,
this system can be shaken off”.
-From “The White Rose”

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