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For my big birthday coming up, I’m getting a complete overhaul of photography equipment which is very exciting for me!  It’s also a tad bit sad to get rid of the old stuff that has served me well, but the fact that what we’re selling is basically paying for my new, uh, “camera lens strap,” makes it worth it!  (The story around here is that I’m getting a new camera lens strap because the real gifts are supposed to be a surprise.)

We’re selling my first dSLR, the Canon d30, as well as the camera I’ve used for 16 months (what am I, a mother??), the Canon 40d.  I love those cameras and they both have taken some of my favorite pictures.  I will give my reasoning for the new equipment once it’s in my hands — I’m not one to jinx anything.

This blog post is dedicated to the lovely d30, purchased from a Newsweek photographer in Colorado, fall 2003.

One of the first pictures taken:
If you’re one of those who gets grossed out by feet, you must really hate this.  I just laugh, because like spiders, I don’t get what the big deal is. Show me a snake, though, and I will scream and run like a girl.  Good thing I am a girl.

Obviously, I didn’t take this.  (I don’t generally go hiking in the mountains with a tripod.)  This was when I kept my camera on Automatic all the time, so it makes it easy.

Reidaroni!  A great sport to let me try out my newly discovered manual settings.  This was during construction of their now completed beautiful, new home and this was in front of the dumpster that took over their yard for a year. It’s probably hard to see with these small pics, but Reid’s name is upside down on the underside of the bill of his hat.

First experiment with purposefully shallow depth-of-field.  Also, with adding textures:



Just ridiculous.  Ha.

Undoubtedly, the best picture the d30 ever took.  This is an actual sign for a legit business in Chattanooga. Stubbs was destined to open that kind of operation. I love funny signs! I always wanted to send this into Leno on The Tonight Show but never did…..oh, nice — maybe I still can!

One of the most amazing things I’ve seen — the insane poppy fields of Antelope Valley in Lancaster, CA.  I believe they are in full bloom sometime in April and I really want to go back this spring.    Amazing. Go Vols.  Just kidding.

Big Boy who loves the camera:



The pic that started my obsession with bokeh:

Some of the first photos I took that I loved:

Some from the first series of photos I took that I loved:

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