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Last week, In Yo Face! took the show we created at Second City to Chicago Sketchfest where we were met with two nights of uproarious laughter.  (Seriously, they loved us.  LA likes us pretty well, too, but Chicago — they are ready to laugh.)  We had a great time — such a great time that I hardly used my camera.  (Or more accurately, I didn’t feel comfortable making a large group of people wait around while I used it.)

The reason for the trip:

Some IYFers:

Why so many Chicagoans are obese:

I love to walk around cities.  That and eating new foods are my favorite things about traveling.  I’ve probably said that before, but now you’ll never forget it.

There’s always a good amount of waiting when dealing with a group, which is a good thing for me because it gives me a chance to use the camera.

There was probably as much Dunkin Donuts’ coffee consumed as there was beer.

The people who hang around outside Second City can’t bear to let a picture be taken without them in it.

And speaking of Second City Mainstage……several of us saw Taming of the Flu and thought it was so great.  We are still quoting it, in fact.

I really loved RD’s color combo with the hat and the jacket.  I kinda wanted to do a whole portrait spread. Ahh, regrets.

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