Still in Toledo, More People-Watching

These are all a bunch of crappy photos because for most of them I wasn’t looking through the viewfinder.  However, I believe they deserve to be seen because what I was watching was hilarious at the time.

A bunch of preteens giggling and taking pictures.  It was cute until they saw me taking pics of them and started taking pics of me which made me uncomfortable.  Maybe I’m on one of their blogs somewhere out there.


I missed the best of this lady but hopefully you get the idea.  She was alone and taking cell phone pictures of herself with the cathedral in the background.  Not just any pics, though…pics with crazy faces as you can see a bit of in picture on the right.  I didn’t want her to stop doing it when she noticed my camera, so I just clicked the shutter and hoped I got something without looking.  People are so funny.


And lastly from the same square in Toledo, a scammer who along with another girl her age solicited signatures for their “cause” to distract tourists from pick-pockets. I was granted a short burst of aggressiveness which I used to literally get in her face with my camera.  It pissed her off but I got the shots without looking or having anything stolen, so yay for that.



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