we love three-day weekends: paso robles | los angeles photographer

we take pretty much any chance we can to get away.  i love short little overnight trips because it means we don’t need a cat sitter, i don’t have to think about how lonely and miserable the cats are while we’re gone :p , and the house hasn’t slipped below my cleanliness standards by the time we get home.  for the mlk jr long weekend, we got a room at a sweet little spot  (i recommend!) adelaide inn and spent saturday and sunday eating and drinking the good stuff in paso.  i love this place.  i love it more than napa. paso is the third largest wine growing region in the us (second to napa and sonoma) and is the fastest-growing. both j and i agree the wines there have suited our palates much better than the wines we tasted in napa.  it’s also gorgeous and just has a much better feel to it.  no complaints about napa – see here – we just like paso more.  🙂

the tasting rooms we visited this trip:

dover canyon
zin alley
barrel 27
tobin james
four vines (the winemaker sold the four vines brand and wines, effective february 1st)
chateau margene

the food we ate:

villa creek restaurant
farmstand 46

i kind of want to give some mini-reviews on each spot, but there are so many things that affect the tastings that i’d hate to steer someone away from great wines just because there was an “off” bottle or taste in my mouth.  i’m happy to get specific at your request – shoot me a comment below if you want more details about anything listed and i will fill you in.

i will say that j’s favorites were denner, turley, and zin alley.  mine were denner, turley, and chateau margene.  so i guess you should at least visit denner and turley.  🙂  all of the food we had was excellent. we disliked the wine at two places.  i spent a lot of time judging each winery’s branding.  and we refilled our wine stock with wines appropriately priced for general weeknight drinking.  i’m pretty sure that was j’s main goal of the trip.  🙂

on the way home we stopped at pismo beach for a short walk and santa barbara where we visited the absolutely delicious los arroyos mexican restaurant.  they have an incredible salsa bar to feed my addiction.

sometimes beautiful scenery gets boring and i have to look at myself in the mirror and take my own picture.  i think it’s because i miss myspace.

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Michelle eye heart those photos 🙂
the one of you in the car….cha cha cha!! xoxo

alej 🙂

malaysia wedding photographer i love the photo with a lot of sky, very abstract

Santa Barbara Wine Tours Paso Robles is great, isn’t it? Their wine just keeps getting better and better. I especially love their Rhone style wines, both red and white. I recently tried a bottle of Barrel 27 High on the Hog that was to die for.

Mike H. Here’s the belated birthday post on your blog. Are your eyes two different colors?

alej nope, they’re a classic “both eyes are the same color” color

emily somedays, i miss myspace too. haha!
i love the boots on a hill photo

What are the top Californian red wines to die for? – Quora […] their syrah and petite sirah.i just tasted in paso last week and mentioned our tastings here: http://www.akeiganphoto.com/blog… there are links to all the places we went and a list of our favorites.Insert a dynamic date […]

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